eBay Corporate Wrongdoings

Deeply Buried Fraud Awareness Search Keywords

Valuable Motor Vehicle Specific Consumer Fraud Awareness information and good advice deeply buried in Google search index. It’s who you know in corporate America that matters!

This article and included narrated screen video is a good example what happened when we blogged damaging negative information about eBay INC. All our social media reputation management smearing allegation documentation is deeply buried in Google search.

We recently published this screen video of our webmaster tools search placement keyphrases, sorted by highest search position. It don’t take an eBay MBA to see what’s going on here. 🙁

After over 13 years online – we’re not ready to give up on this website yet!

Buying a car online? Check out Doc’s Internet car buying and selling guide. The most informative vehicle specific buying and selling guide online! 😉

For the past 6 years my stellar eBay sellers reputation has been wrecked by corporate trolls as punishment for alerting consumers to vehicle scams and bad seller misrepresentation. I've been labeled a scammer that sold stolen cars and rolled back odometers.

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